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Pay online securely, and then send us your tweets for your show, review or special offer, and you can reach an engaged, active and growing audience for your Edinburgh show instantly!

And all of this comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ve been tweeting at @edinburghfest on Twitter since 2007, and as at 12 Noon on the 1st of August 2016, had 37,392 followers on Twitter. By now, there may be more…
In August of 2015, our tweets reached over 1.1million pairs of eyeballs – as verified by Twitter’s official Analytics package.
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1.1 million pairs of eyeballs saw our tweets in August 2015.

You can reach our engaged and active Edinburgh-loving audience in 2016 by simply paying a few pounds.

Here are the packages available, starting from just £4:

  1. OneTweet: Tweet advertising your show, review or offer to 36k+ followers delivered within 4 hours of your request (accepted 10am-10pm): £4.
    Order OneTweet here
  2. ZapTweet: Tweet advertising your show, review or offer to 36k+ followers, delivered within one hour of your request, or at a specified date and time (accepted 10am-10pm): £6.
    Order ZapTweet here
  3. TripleTweet:  Three tweets advertising your show, review or offer to 36k+ followers, delivered within four hours of your request (accepted 10am-10pm): £9.
    Tweets should all be slightly different.
    Order TripleTweet here
  4. RunTweet: Tweet advertising your show, review or offer to 36k+ followers for your run: £12 a week.
    Tweets should all be slightly different. Use our Excel spreadsheet to schedule your tweets.
    Order RunTweet here: 1 Week | 2 Weeks | 3 Weeks
  5. NowTweet: Tweet advertising your show, review or offer to 36k+ followers at a set time each day: £20 a week.
    Tweets should all be slightly different. Use our Excel spreadsheet to schedule your tweets.
    Order NowTweet here: 1 Week | 2 Weeks | 3 Weeks
  6. WowTweet: Tweets advertising your show to 36k+ followers, with different text each day, at a time you specify each day AND including an image: £25 a week.
    Tweets should all be slightly different. Use our Excel spreadsheet to schedule your tweets.
    Order WowTweet here: 1 Week | 2 Weeks | 3 Weeks
  7. Twitter Competition: Very popular and successful in 2015: We’ll run a competition to win, say, a pair of tickets to your show. Winners will be selected using special automated software to ensure efficiency and fairness, and will be notified to you immediately via Twitter or email. You choose the prize, and are responsible for delivering the prize. You can have a number of winners, and runners up. Cost is £12 per competition for setup, plus £4 for each day the competition is run. You can run a competition with daily winners across multiple days if you wish. You can also specify precise start and end times for the competition. Entries are based on use of your specified hashtag, web link or phrase (or a combination of any or all of the three) and will be tweeted out twice per day.
    Order Twitter Competition here: 1 Day | 2 Days | 3 Days | 1 Week

“Great to see some very affordable and decent advertising!” – Tom Stabb @Insensible2015

“I did competitions with @edinburghfest last August. It seemed a fun way to advertise, got a lot of RT’s and helped spread the word about my show. Will do it again this year” @Jo Caulfield

Limited Availability for your Tweets:

All tweets are limited in quantity – we will only broadcast a planned maximum of 20 sponsored tweets on any given day. A maximum of 5 competitions will run at any one time – so early booking will guarantee your chosen day(s). All tweets are limited to 130 characters (links will take up 23 characters, irrespective of the length of the link URL, as will images), and will be prefaced with the hashtag ‘#advert’ or ‘#ad’. We recommend you include a link for ticket booking, time and dates of your show and venue number, for example:
#ad Jo Bloggs stars in My Great Show: “Fantastic! 5*” – Springfield Gazette. #V12 8:10pm 03-29-Aug. £10. edfringe.com/shows/bookmyshow #edfringe 

Easy secure ordering online

To order your tweets, click the option you require to pre-pay,  and you can send the text of your tweets through the ordering mechanism. You only need to own a credit or debit card – you do not need to have a PayPal account. All tweets are guaranteed to go live within 24 hours, with four and one hour guarantees for OneTweet and ZapTweet services respectively. We reserve the right to edit tweets that are longer than space allows.

Download a simple file to schedule your Tweets

For weekly RunTweet, NowTweet and WowTweet services, tweets should be delivered for scheduling at least 8 hours in advance using this Excel .xlsx spreadsheet or this CSV File. If you get a great review, we’ll add in a fast, free extra tweet of course! You can always revise tweets and send us a new spreadsheet. Email to david[at]petherick.org or use the file upload option when you place your order.
  • All services provided come with a 100%, 1,000 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Want something special, or have a question?

If you have any queries, urgent needs or special requests, use our Contact Form or dial 07929 044 759 now, to speak to David Petherick. Or email david[at]petherick.org
Remember that, at time of writing, you have 130 characters to use in your tweet.
If you include an image, you have 107 characters.
If you include a link, you have 107 characters.
If you include an image AND a link, you have 84 characters left for your message.

Does it work? Ask our customers.

Our happy customers in 2015 included Jo Caulfield and Viv Groskop – why not just tweet them and ask how it worked out for them?