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The Arabian Nights

Christmas: Children. Stories. Magic. Farting Dogs. Chess Playing Monkeys. The Arabian Nights has it all, and it's a delightful, beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable bit of theatre for all the family. The staging and scenery (and even some of the magical scenery changes) are quite spectacular, and the dialogue is fast, funny and spellbinding. It has all the classic elements of a Christmas Pantomime, but it's really a cut above the genre, and [...]

By | December 1st, 2017|5-star, General, Theatre|0 Comments

La traviata – Scottish Opera

From the rambunctious drinking songs to the pathos of its tragic arias, the staging, costumes and pure flair of the performers in Verdi's classic La traviata are a treat for the eyes and ears. This is a stunning, vibrant and gloriously staged performance that had Edinburgh's opening night audience at the Festival Theatre in rapture throughout, and earned sustained applause at its conclusion. The set was dressed beautifully as a [...]

By | November 16th, 2017|4-star, Music, Opera|0 Comments

Preview: Talk Show – Cockpit

Lyceum Theatre - Saturday 28th October 2017, 5pm Free Entry with Donations welcomed Book Tickets Here Talk Show is an exciting new addition to The Lyceum programme, in which artists, authors, and thinkers are invited to come and watch a performance before taking to the stage themselves to share their response to the themes of the play with the audience. Expect ideas, insight and stimulation through short talks, song, music, [...]

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Love Song to Lavender Menace

The 1980s were definitely analogue. A bulky cassette player is prominent on the sparse but inventive set, and from time to time cassettes are thrown in, and we hit the play button. The story that unfolds is about the birth, life and ultimate death of a bookshop in the 1980s. On paper, it may sound mundane, but the stories and performances that illuminate this period in time are anything but [...]

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Walking across the stage to get to my seat, I pass a man holding his shaven head in his hands, who appears unwell. Sitting down to look at an unfamiliar view of the Lyceum - the auditorium slowly filling up seen from onstage, there are ladders leading off stage and up to the circle, and large hand-painted banners with edgy instructions such as 'No Knives longer than 3 inches' 'No [...]

By | October 11th, 2017|4-star, Theatre|1 Comment

The Artist as Explorer

When I last met Richard Demarco, he was talking about retiring, stepping back from the gesamtkunstwerk which is his life and persona. He said ‘…there were no more five year plans.’ Of course this was a rueful reflection on his unique contribution, not only to to the arts in Edinburgh, but his advocacy of the arts, the humanities and progressive cultural idealism in Scotland, and by its very definition his [...]

By | August 27th, 2017|5-star, Performance|1 Comment

Older Wiser Smarter Meaner

Hilarious, witty and intelligent Jo Caulfield keeps the audience laughing throughout her whole show, with her charismatic sense of humour and priceless stories about friends. This will make you remember all of your friends' annoying habits and personality traits. The show flows so smoothly, without a moment of hesitation, as Jo never fails to make the audience laugh. Time will fly by as Jo swiftly moves from one subject to [...]

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(More) Moira Monologues

Ye dinnae huv to be fae Fawkirk to pish your pants at this yin. If you don’t get that sentence, you could struggle with the dialect in this show. But not much. It’s Lowland Scots, Falkirkus Hallglenia Vulgaris variety. But there were Canadians in the audience who, although they admitted it took them a while to get into the groove, joined the rest of the audience in belly-bursting, raucous laughter [...]

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Locker Room Talk

[This is a #TwoReviews™ Review - Two different reviews of the same performance] #TwoReviews is a literary creation owned by Locker Room Talk by Catherine Carnie Locker Room Talk by James O'Brien The slimy, self satisfied and sexually soaked voice of our current President of the Free World - which booms at the beginning of the piece around the space of Locker Room Talk - is the inspiration for [...]

My Audience reviewed by Jo Caulfield

This is a review of the audience watching Jo Caulfield's performance by Jo Caulfield. First impressions are very important in comedy. The accepted wisdom being, the audience have 2 minutes before the comedian makes up their mind about them. With that in mind, this audience lost me in the first 30 seconds. Does no-one dress up for an evening out nowadays? I've seen better dressed wounds. My first thought was [...]

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